Quality Declaration

Food Safety Quality Policy

Sound Organization, Quality First, Safety Prior, Quality Culture

In order to meet customer requirements and adapt to market competition, we constantly improve the company's quality control standards. The quality of the products and related services produced by the company can be made more excellent, so that the colleagues have a clear guiding principle at work, and this quality policy is specially issued, and all colleagues are expected to understand, implement and maintain.

Sound Organization~

The company attaches great importance to quality, and has two management committees for quality and hygiene, and invites scholars to develop and improve design. Furthermore, set up a quality control center to achieve quality assurance.

Quality First~~

We must not relax the hygiene management of the production environment and the manufacturing process of various products. Only by paying attention to product hygiene can we ensure the quality of our products and truly maintain the good reputation of the company.

Safety Prior~

Equipment operation and maintenance are absolutely implemented, and the safety management of the work site must be maintained with our best efforts, because only a safe working environment can ensure that employees work safely, and thus improve work quality.

Quality Culture~

The company culture: "people-oriented to pursue excellence; teamwork, integrity, and care; respect for sharing, innovative services." Both labor and capital should comply with obedience in order to ensure quality and customer satisfaction.