Stewed Food Seasonings Series

Stewed Food Seasonings Series

Including various kinds of flavour. It can be used for beef, pork, chicken, eggs, hard bean curd and various kinds of snacks.

Part NumberFormCharacteristicsDosageApplication
Soy sauce stew seasoning Liquid To be used for various kinds of sauce products, to enhance taste, easy and convenient, rich in flavour q.s. Stewed food
Meat Seasoning 22873 Paste To be used for various kinds of stewed sauce products, excellent taste 0.2% Prepared foods
Seasoning 5930 Powder To be used for stewed chicken wing products, long-lasting taste 0.3% Chicken wings
Stewed Food Seasoning 9370 Powder To be used for stewed products, rich fragrance of stewed meat 1.4% Stewed food
Seasoning 7055 Powder To be used for salted and roasted products, and to enhance fresh meat taste 0.1% Stewed chicken wings
Meat Seasoning 9818 Powder To be used for stewed food, to remove unwanted smell, to enhance meat flavour 0.05-0.1% Minced pork

Recipe for Soy Sause Stewed Chicken Claws

Ingredients: Soy Sauce Stew Seasoning * 3KG, Water * 12KG, Chicken Claws * 6KG
Preparing Process:

  1. Wash the defrosted chicken claws and then blanch the washed chicken claws with boiling hot water.
  2. Pour some Soy Sauce Stew Seasoning and water into a pot and then put the blanched chicken claws into the pot. Poach the chicken claws on low heat for 10 minutes.
    Turn off the fire and let the chicken claws stay in the pot and wait for them to soak in the sauce for another 20 minutes before they are ready to be served.

Recipe for Soy Sauce Stewed Beef

Ingredients: Soy Sauce Stew Seasoning* 3KG, Water * 9KG, Beef * 5KG

  1. Put Soy Sauce Stew Seasoning and water into boiler, then put beef into the boiler for boiling up around 6 minutes under the condition of medium heating power.
  2. After that, continuously cook the beef under mild heating power for one hour. And then turn off the heating power to stew the beef for one hour.
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